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Due to the overwhelming number of spam robots rooming the web and joining forum such as ours only to post annoying SPAM all over the site we have to require you to fill in the application form on the right and then we will add you to the forum and notify you by Email usually within 24hrs. We apologise for this inconvenience but is the only way to keep our site clean.
Our forum has been online for about 2 years now and is a place to meet and discuss not only stamps and stuff but almost anything you like.

It has sections on specific philatelic subjects - a for sale, swap or give away section - general talk - an astronomy section - and even a kitchen - so when we say "Life, the Universe and Everything .......... and Stamps" we mean it.

You can just visit the forum and have a look around as a guest but you will not be able to join in by posting until you sign up as a member.

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